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21 Inclusive Terms to Know As an LGBTQ+ Parent or Ally


Are you an LGBTQ+ parent yourself? Or maybe your child is part of the queer community. Maybe it’s neither and you consider yourself an ally to folks of all different sexualities and genders. Either way, it’s important (and more impactful than you might realize!) to keep up-to-date with inclusive terms to use.

“The more people begin to embrace LGBTQ inclusive language, the greater fluency we will have to talk about things we didn’t know how to talk about before,” one Mainland Health article reads, “With such language comes greater understanding, and with greater understanding comes greater compassion and humanity.”

As humans, don’t we all want to be more understood and met with greater compassion? If you want to help folks feel seen and heard, want language to describe how you personally feel or just be more involved in the community yourself, look no further. Here is your guide to the twenty-one most inclusive terms to know in 2024, below.

Inclusive Terms Every LGBTQ+ Person & Ally Should Know

Rainbow family

A family with LGBTQ+ parents and/or children.


A term used to describe individuals whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female.

Parenting spectrum

Recognizing that there are diverse ways to parent and that no single approach is superior, acknowledging the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ parents.


Celebrating LGBTQ+ identity and promoting acceptance and equality for all individuals, including parents and their children.


Refers to individuals whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth.

 Individuals whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.


A term used by individuals who identify outside of the traditional gender binary.


Actions or practices that validate and support an individual's gender identity.

Gender-neutral parenting

A style of parenting that avoids gender stereotypes and encourages children to explore their gender identity freely.


A term used by some Indigenous cultures to describe a person who embodies both masculine and feminine qualities.

Biological parent

A parent who shares a genetic relationship with their child.

Intentional parent

 A parent who plans or intends to have a child, regardless of biological ties.


A person who carries and gives birth to a child on behalf of someone else.


An individual who provides sperm, eggs, or embryos for assisted reproductive purposes.


 When two or more individuals share parental responsibilities for a child, regardless of their romantic relationship status.

Chosen family

A support network of individuals who may not be biologically or legally related but are considered family by choice.

Gender expansive

A term used to describe individuals who have a broader, more fluid understanding of gender.

Parental leave

Time off from work granted to parents to care for a new child, which should be available to all parents regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Family equality

Advocacy for equal rights and recognition for all types of families, including LGBTQ+ families.

Affirming language

Using inclusive and respectful language when referring to LGBTQ+ parents and families.


A person who supports and advocates for the rights and equality of LGBTQ+ individuals and families, even if they are not part of the community themselves.


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