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6 Viral Lesbian Mom TikTok Videos You Should Watch Right Now

Updated: Feb 12

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The internet can be a great place. As a lesbian mom, the old interweb can be used to meet other cool LGBTQ+ folks, join online communities of others WLW parents and yes, even watch others in the community live their best (and most relatable) lives on TikTok.

If you’re looking to get a little laugh in, smile with joy at other lesbian mamas, cry happy tears or find new LGBTQ+ creators to follow, we’ve included six viral TikTok videos you’re going to want to watch right now. 

6 Viral TikToks from Lesbian Mom Creators

We all hope our kids say our names as their first words, but what happens when your little one calls their two moms ‘dada’ instead? That’s what happened to Tor, a lesbian content creator and TikToker, who posted the most adorable video of her son calling her ‘Dada’ instead of mommy.

The video has garnered over 250k views — and the audience agrees that it’s funny, adorable, sweet and relatable. One commenter said, “My wife and I have given up, I am Dada and she’s momma lol’ while another said, “Our son does the same thing haha!”

What happens when your little one calls you 'dada' instead of 'mom'?

Didn’t plan on crying today? This tear-jerker of a TikTok video from Fabiana is sure to bring on the emotions. In this super-viral post, both her and her partner kiss, while showing their beautiful baby girl, who brings them closer together to kiss again. The caption reads: “2 moms is not ok.”

It goes to show that while some of the world may believe that lesbian motherhood isn’t ok, gay moms can still live their most authentic and loving lives, as a family. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, LGBTQ+ families have a foundation of true love, acceptance and beauty. The video has over 11.6 million views and rising.

This one’s for the lesbian moms who love a matching fit. TikToker Issy makes iconic videos about her two moms by showcasing their OOTDs, how they vacation, lesbian content and more. For this one, which has over 7.5 million views, she captions it: “Lesbian moms love a matching fit.”

Commenters agree! One said, “If this isn’t me and my future wife when I have an older kid, I don’t want it.” Another said, “Bro I wish I had two moms.” We love that this account isn’t only ran by their daughter, but it offers a wonderful perspective into what it’s like to be raised by lesbians, and how fun it can be.

Ready to really relate? TikToker Courtney&Barb took to the app to post a video about questions they always get asked as a femme, lesbian mom. At the top of the list, people ask, “Did you have s*x with a guy?” and “Don’t you worry he needs a father?” With each question, she sets the record straight and does it so matter-of-fact. Good for you, mama!

One commenter responded by saying, “I have had two mums and was made by science and can confirm it’s just or even more loving than you could ever imagine. 🥰” Another said, “Give him a loving home and teach him life and it doesn’t matter who the parents are. Congrats!”

Ya'll were raised by Karens while I was raised by lesbians

The caption reads: “Fine, I’ll give you what you want, more of my mom's #MomsofTikTok #lgbtq.” And it’s true – TikToker Ally Asher knows what’s up. With over 6 million views, she shares amazing content of her two moms, that make us all smile. Like she says, some of us were raised by Karens, while she was raised by lesbians. We think that’s pretty amazing. 

We agree, having lesbian parents is wonderful, and it’s great to see others celebrating LGBTQ+ motherhood!

This is the cutest video we’ve seen all week! With over 682k views, TikTokers Alyson & Rachael show their version of lesbian motherhood, and it’s heartwarming, to say the least. They show off their baby, wearing matching Vans shoes, with one of their moms. The caption reads: “When your wife finally gets to live out her 🏳️‍🌈mom dream of wearing matching Vans with your baby.”

Watching this will make you smile, tear up and maybe even have baby fever, too. One commenter said, “THE TINY VANS omg…” while another said, “cutest and most wholesome thing ever 😭🥺” We love to see it.


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