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8 Queer-Owned Parenting Brands To Support During (And After) Pride Month

As Pride Month unfolds, it’s the perfect time to celebrate and support queer-owned brands — especially if you’re a gay mxm. In the parenting department, there are a lot of brands to turn to to show your support, whether you’re in need of new children’s books or eco-friendly baby products. 

Buying from one of these brands is about way more than just about filling up your cart. A recent GLAAD study found that nearly 4 in 5 LGBTQ+ adults, and over half of non-LGBTQ+ adults in the U.S., say they think brands should support the community. On top of that, nearly 3 in 4 of LGBTQ+ adults — and over 2 in 5 of non-LGBTQ+ adults — say they are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand if it supports the queer community. So, in that case, why not just purchase directly from the community? Whether you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, here are eight queer-owned parenting brands that will support your parenting style (and go to a good cause) below.

Little Pickle

After struggling to find a baby book that fit their family dynamics, two gay mxms founded Little Pickle Memories, a LGBTQ+ owned brand specializing in keepsake books that acknowledge unique families, single parents, and the pregnancy journey. 

Little Pickle Memories

“We started our business in 2016 after struggling to find a baby record book to suit our two mom family. As lesbian moms, we searched all over for a book to record our daughter’s wonderful memories, but couldn’t find one,” one of the founders, Emma, shared, “We designed our own baby record book which suited our needs, referring to us both as ‘parent’ instead of assuming we are ‘mum’ and ‘dad’.” 

After a while, when their friends and family asked for copies of the baby memory book for themselves, they realized other families would benefit from them. Then, Little Pickle Memories was born.

Gay Moms Club

Are you a gay mxm looking for a true community? Gay Moms Club may just be the one for you. Founded in 2023 by Megan, a lesbian mxm looking for community and a space to connect with other mxms, it’s a supportive and inclusive online community for LGBTQ+ mxms nationwide. 

Gay Mxms!

“Navigating mxtherhood as a queer person can often feel isolating,” she explains, “The mainstream narrative often overlooks the unique challenges, joys, and complexities faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.”

Together, though, Gay Moms Club is on a mission to create a world where every LGBTQ+ mxm feels seen, heard, and supported — plus, with resource-sharing, live events, a thriving online community and more, you can meet your new mxm besties and get parenting hacks along the way.

Pal Socks

Looking to support a brand that strives to make homophobia extinct? Try out Pals Socks, a sock brand that sells mismatched socks to celebrate the unique qualities that set each person apart from the other. While they make socks for every age, we love their bright colors and animal-themed baby booties. 

“The reason I pair two different foot friends together, is because the best kinds of besties take us to new places, introduce us to new ideas, new people, new yummy food!” lesbian founder Hannah explains, “This manifesto of celebrating open mindedness and friendship is woven through every pair of Pals.”

Pals is out to encourage vibrancy, celebrate differences and empower the next generation to stand up for equality on all fronts — even your little one.

Our Rainbow Nest

Looking to officially start your family with your partner? What about venturing into parenting solo? No matter what your situation, if you’re in the LGBTQ+ community, Our Rainbow Nest is here to help you in your family planning journey. 

“Our Rainbow Nest provides support to LGBTQ+ individuals and couples as they start and/or grow their family,” their site explains, “Through education, advocacy and community we provide workshops, seminars and resources to those interested in taking the next step.”

Whether you’re looking to learn more about sperm donors, fertility issues, surrogacy, legal planning, egg donors, adoption and more, the kind folks at Our Rainbow Nest are here to help. They started their families and now they’d love to help yours.

Poppy Summit

Need a new onesie for your little one? What about nursery wall art? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a pair of ‘Mama & Mommy’ mugs for you and your partner. Either way, you should check out Poppy Summit, an LGBTQ+ Etsy shop aimed at supporting folks in the community.

Mama and Mommy mugs

“My wife and I absolutely love designing and crafting, whether it's on paper or on the computer,” founders Bonnie and Michelle say, “Artistic expression has always been a big part of our lives, and we are so excited to be able to design items for families in mind!”

They’ve got something for everyone — but if you’re a gay mxm, you’re going to want to check this one out immediately. It’s the perfect way to support lesbian-owned small businesses. 

Lockwood Shop

Who doesn’t love a stunning home goods store? Lockwood, founded by lesbian Mackenzi Farquer, has LGBTQ+ curated decor, stationery, clothing, baby books, and even toys. Plus, if you like supporting local communities, the brand focuses on highlighting local artists and up-and-coming designers, too.

While the brick-and-mortar is based in Astoria, Queens, where Mackenzi and her wife raise three cats and a toddler together, purchases can be made online as well.

Boy Smells

Ok, but who doesn’t love a good candle? As gay mxms, we all know that having something fresh and beautiful burning in the house can make a big difference in combating the smells of babies, toddlers, and yes, even teenagers. Boy Smells is the perfect addition.

Owned and operated by queer folks, they’re on a mission to break down the gender binary by packaging their candles in pink vessels, with unique scents and a name like Boy Smells.

All of their candles are stunning and have a burn time of 50 hours — something that helps justify the $46 price tag. Plus, don’t forget that you’re putting your money to an amazing cause, too.

Bazzle Baby

Last, but not least, is Bazzle Baby. The brand was created by a mxm who wanted a stylish way to deal with her baby’s drooling. She initially used a bandana to curb errant spit, and this led to the creation of one of Bazzle Baby’s signature products, a super soft and absorbent bib resembling an adorable mini bandana.

Bazzle Baby bandana

As a proudly LGBTQAI-owned business, Bazzle Baby is dedicated to celebrating and supporting all families, since “the best village comes from all shapes and forms.” If you’re living the newborn or baby life, Bazzle Baby could be just what you’re looking for.


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