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Exciting News for Gay Moms: Women+ Connect Goes Nationwide on Lyft

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Great news for women and nonbinary folks everywhere, including gay moms – Women+ Connect: Lyft has rolled out its highly requested Women+ Connect feature nationwide, responding to the strong demand since its launch last September. Now available in over 240 areas nationwide, Women+ Connect promises a safer and more comfortable rideshare experience, including the LGBTQ+ community.

In today's world, safety is a top priority, especially for those navigating the responsibilities of motherhood. With Women+ Connect, gay moms can make safer choices when it comes to transportation, ensuring that they and their families can travel with peace of mind. Whether it's a late-night ride home or a journey with the kids in tow, Women+ Connect offers enhanced control and security for all passengers.

Feedback from drivers like Gabriela in Chicago and riders like Katie in Austin has been overwhelmingly positive, with both expressing increased feelings of safety and ease during their Lyft journeys.

"I've noticed a change in the riders I've picked up since using Women+ Connect, particularly during the weekends. On Friday and Saturday, I'm pretty much just driving women at night, and I just feel safer. Since it launched, I've been telling every single one of my riders (even including men!) about Women+ Connect, and they're all so excited about it." — Gabriela, a driver in Chicago.

"I'm back using Lyft again because I feel safe. From calling for a ride in the middle of the night or when I need to fly, I feel safe." — Katie, a rider in Austin, Texas.


"Drivers and riders asked for it, and Lyft is the only rideshare company with Women+ Connect in the US," said Lyft CEO David Risher. "When rideshare is better for women and nonbinary people, rideshare is better for everyone. We're proud to bring the comfort and camaraderie of Women+ Connect to millions across the country."

Ready to experience safer rides? Check out Women+ Connect for your next night out or week behind the wheel at


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