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I Grew Up with Lesbian Moms and This is What I Loved About It

Updated: Feb 13

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Lesbian couple

Is having two moms better than one? Well, for those who grew up with lesbian parents, they’d say so. For both young children, and those who are now grown and out of the house, so many have great things to say about being raised by gay moms — just ask the internet, or more specifically, TikTok.

That’s right: those who grew up with lesbian mothers have taken to TikTok to show just how much they have loved it. From flaunting their mom’s fashion, to talking about being raised with gentle parenting, and more, it’s a beautiful moment to celebrate their LGBTQ+ mamas.

To help celebrate with them, we’ve rounded up the best TikTok’s of folks who grew up with lesbian moms. It’s sure to make you (you, a lesbian mom!) smile, too.

5 kids who grew up with lesbian moms

TikToker Josh doesn’t just have two lesbian parents, but four!

In a viral TikTok, he shows off all four of his moms, then and now style. While they don’t share how four came to be, it doesn’t really matter, because you can tell how much love, acceptance and family bonding is there. And what could be better than that?

“So… my parents are lesbians and something that people always ask is ‘What do you call them? Do you call them both mom?” says TikToker Nick.

For lesbian moms, this might seem like an annoying question, but for Nick and his younger classmates, they loved referring to one of his moms with a special nickname.

Growing up with lesbian parents creates special, unique moments that children with hetero parents may not have (and it’s something to be celebrated!)

Being raised by lesbian mothers helps break gender roles and stereotypes.

Just ask TikToker Kaulyn, who shares how much she loves growing up with two women as her parents, because she was able to present however, she wanted.

She says that while the outside world assumed she’d present as more masculine, because she has two masculine-presenting mothers, she is actually super feminine presenting, and loved how she was able to be whoever she wanted with their support. We love that for her!

Them: Having 2 moms 🏳️‍🌈 is wrong.

Us: Nope! One of the best things about TikToker Ebony & Denise’s content is that they show their little one, who often makes appearances on videos, talking about what she believes in. And for her, she advocates for her family experience often, in ways that make us all proud.

After all, having two lesbian moms can be an amazing way to learn how to stand up for what you believe in, and show love to others.

For TikToker Leah, her experience of being raised was by a single lesbian mom, who adopted her from China when she was just born. In her video, she shares how her mom traveled to China, and although she was more masculine-presenting, she dressed as feminine to be able to adopt her. She describes her upbringing, her wonderful experience of having her mother and how, even though it was a life-changing experience to be adopted, it’s her and her mom’s normal life.

We love seeing lesbian moms thrive, and their children grow up to be happy and joyful, too.


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